Services Provided

Scott Zischke MA, CCC-SLP specializes in providing consultation, evaluation, treatment, and support to ensure the most rapid progress possible.  He also has specific interest and experience with the following disorders and client populations:

Apraxia and Phonological Processing Skills

Early Intervention (pre-speech/language skills)

Autism and Social Skills Development

Learning Disabilities

Augmentative/Alternative Communication Options

Speech Fluency

Tongue Thrust

Scott has multiple years of experience evaluating and working with each of those areas, including addressing related disorders, disabilities, and issues that often co-occur.  He can also address your concerns with any of the following areas as well and direct you to additional reputable specialists if needed.

☐ Pre-Speech Skills (babble, cooing, sound play) ☐ Pre-Language Skills (verbal /gestural responses/imitation) ☐ Feeding (sucking, chewing, swallowing, drooling, etc.)
☐ Articulation (speech sound accuracy and development) ☐ Apraxia (movements required for speech) ☐ Oral Motor (structure and function of mouth/throat)
☐ Intelligibility (difficulty being understood) ☐ Speech Fluency (stuttering, cluttering, breathing coord.) ☐ Voice (quality, pitch, loudness, efficiency)
☐ Verbal Expression (vocabulary, grammar, etc.) ☐ Utterance Length (amount of words per sentence) ☐ Pragmatics (abstract and social use of language)
☐ Receptive Language (understanding of what is said) ☐ Auditory Comprehension (listening, memory, retrieval) ☐ Critical Thinking (logic, reasoning, problem solving)
☐ Attention (managing of distractions, staying focused) ☐ Behavior (compulsivity, defiance, uncontrollability) ☐ Sensory Integration (tactile, aural, visual, sent sensitivity)
☐ Learning (organization, study skills, test anxiety) ☐ Dyslexia (reading skill and reading comprehension) ☐ Written Language (translating words to text)
☐ Genetic Syndromes (Down Syndrome, VCFS, Prader-Willi, Landau-Kleffner, etc.) ☐ Traumatic Brain Injury (speech and language issues related to post injury recovery) ☐ Neurological (autism, seizures, nerve issues, other cognitive impairment, etc.)
☐ Multiple Disabilities (other health/medical impairments) ☐ Other Language (Bilingual, cultural, Sign Language, cued) ☐ Assistive Technology (skill compensation devices)
Contact me if there are other concerns not listed here that you would like to discuss.(480) 646-6094